Press Articles

Residents outraged at new 1,600-home development between Rayne and BraintreeEssex Chronicle
Hundreds of Rayne residents sign petition to stop 1,600 Brook Green developmentEssex Chronicle
Plans for 1,600 home Brook Green development between Braintree and Rayne ‘threaten wildlife’Braintree & Witham Times
Rayne residents speak out in anger over Brook Green developmentBraintree & Witham Times
‘Raynetree’ housing plan would lead to village being swallowed up by BraintreeEssex Chronicle
Protesters march through Braintree town against plans for 1,600 home ‘Raynetree’ developmentEssex Chronicle
Opponents of 1,600 home plans hold protest march through BraintreeBraintree & Witham Times
Villagers against plan for 1,600 new homes on Flitch Way go on three mile walk to promote their objectionsBraintree & Witham Times
Protesters against 1,600 home Brook Green development set up website to raise further awarenessBraintree & Witham Times
Petitioners against a development of 1,600 homes between Braintree and Rayne are holding a public meetingBraintree & Witham Times
Rayne could be saved from housing as planning officers recommended no sites were put forward for district’s Local PlanBraintree & Witham Times
Development at Flitch Way regarded ‘unsuitable’ by officersBraintree & Witham Times
More than 12,000 homes left out of district’s Local Plan as sites are refused recommendation for developmentBraintree & Witham Times