The Planning Inquiry – How you can help

Ways to help:

1. Email the inspector your views at reference APP/Z1510/W/18/3197293

2. Attend the public inquiry to watch some or all – Howard hall in Braintree (200m down the road from the Braintree District Council offices, on the right) Tuesdays to Fridays (except 6th Septmeber) business hours. It starts 4th September and will last for 3 weeks. 11th September only there will be an afternoon and evening session at the town hall instead. Follow our Facebook page for daily updates regarding sitting times.

3. Register to speak your opinion at the inquiry. A few minutes, nothing fancy just speak from the heart.
Either turn up on day 1 at 0930 4th sept Howard hall and register and you’ll be given a slot convenient to you and the inspector OR tell us you wish to speak with your availability and details and we will register for you.

4. Write an objection to the new “brook green junior” planning application- same developer, same land just smaller this time but the start of brook green piece by piece we suspect. Here’s how and some tips on doing that:…/brook-green-version-2/

5. Sign the petition opposing brook green junior at

6. Tell everyone you know to do the same!! Spread the word far and wide.


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