Brook Green – New planning application submitted

No brook green note the new application from the same developer to build a different development of 120 houses on some of the same land as brook green whilst the appeal on that is still pending.

We will take time to carefully consider this new application.

However we will do all we can to strenuously protect the areas of natural beauty that locals enjoy along the flitch and to prevent braintree merging into rayne and to preserve locals quality of life and valuable community resources.

This seems to be part of a piecemeal approach by the developer where he snips away at the countryside little by little arguing that one development makes further new ones acceptable until it’s all gone. It is brook green by stealth. The developer is obsessed by getting his way by whatever means he can. We do not intend to let him.

We support the democratic local plan process where locals get to decide how their surroundings are developed and this site has been rejected for development in that process for very good reason.

We will publish our full view once we have fully considered the 77 documents lodged by the developer.

The application can be viewed on the Braintree District Council planning portal or by searching for planning application 18/01065/OUT.


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