Developer proposes new A120 junction

New A120 Junction

The developer behind the propose Brook Green development has released details of a scheme to provide new slip roads on and off the A120 onto Millennium Way in a bid to address peoples concerns regarding the traffic problems the development will exasperate.

Wayne Gold told the Braintree and Witham times “We have had objections from people living in Rayne over highways and the traffic problems at peak times”.

The proposal doesn’t appear on the face of it to address any of the proper planning concerns in any way nor address the local traffic issue. The authority overseeing the A120 had already submitted a response to Braintree District Council saying the development would not significantly detrimentally affect the A120 and so we ask the developer how this proposal addresses any of the legitimate planning objections to the development. We are interested in the timing of the proposal – why now and not at the start?

This will not solve the existing traffic issues along Pods Brook Road, Springwood Industrial estate, Rayne Road and the associated roundabout, which will only get a lot worse if the Brook Green development is allowed to go ahead. The proposed new junction does not appear to take into account the 5 suggested routes for dualling the A120 from Galleys Corner to the A12. Two of those routes would result in a another junction being created less than quarter of a mile from the proposed Millennium Way junction.

We are therefore querying whether this is just an attempt to sway public opinion in the developers favour whilst not addressing any of the real and valid complaints about the Brook Green development.

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