Report on the Community Walk

No Brook Green community walk

The cold and rain and, at times hail, did not deter the people of Rayne and Braintree from coming together for a Community 3 mile Walk to promote their objections to the Brook Green development proposal.

The mood was defiant and determined as a large number of adults, children and dogs walked the Flitch Way then across public footpaths and rights of way around the very area that will be obliterated and turned into a housing estate if Acorn Braintree and developer Wayne Gold have their way.

Most wore t-shirts displaying the ‘No Brook Green’ logo to clearly demonstrate their opinions.

The children all enjoyed taking part in a nature scavenger hunt and were rewarded with yummy prizes by the Booking Hall café for finding the items!

At one point the walk afforded beautiful panoramic views over almost the entire countryside area which will be turned into a dense housing estate if the plans are given approval. That was a sobering moment and one in which the true devastating impact of what is proposed was graphically realised had it not been before. One villager said “its just unbelievable that this would all be lost. What a tragedy that would be”. At that point some of the walkers held up letters spelling out “NO BROOK GREEN”

The walk also passed by the historic and beautiful Naylinghurst. It was not hard to appreciate why it is protected under heritage laws and to understand why the setting of the house is such an integral part of the fabric of that listed building. It was evident why the Essex County Council heritage officer has strongly objected to Brook Green on heritage and conservation grounds.

The walk ended, with windswept, rosy cheeks, tired legs and some very happy, wet and muddy dogs back at the Booking Hall café where a well-deserved cake and cuppa were enjoyed!

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