The Fight to Save The Flitch

Pressure mounts as the planning deadline date for the Brook Green Development draws closer. It is clear that this huge development, of a proposed 1600 homes, is an issue close to the communities heart with the emerging ‘No Brook Green’ campaign, which has been formed by a team of passionate locals who are determined to save the Flitch Way County Park and surrounding countryside.

The No Brook Green action team have adorned the flitch way with posters and held regular group walks to hand out flyers to raise awareness. A number of various fundraising activities have also been arranged.

One committee member commented;

The team have been surprised about how many local families, dog walkers and runners are not even aware of the development plans that will directly effect an area they use on a regular basis to exercise, socialize and have fun. That being said, the success of the campaign is becoming evident with many people attending our local meetings. We have also seen a large number of people donate on our just giving page to help raise funds for the campaign, which is fantastic to see”.

The committee have also created a new website ‘’ which includes information on the development, how to oppose and the main reasons for objecting the plans. It also provides details of the various fundraising activities due to take place, including a community walk, Easter egg hunt and a dinner with entertainment.

Public Meeting – Wednesday 30th March, 7.00 pm

A key date for the committee is the upcoming public meeting, which will be held at the Rayne Village Hall on the 30th March at 7.00pm.

The public meeting will provide people with the opportunity to discuss and express their concerns regarding the development. A number of key people have been invited along to the meeting including; local ward Braintree Councilors, MP James Cleverly, Rayne Parish Council, Great Notley Parish Council, developer Wayne Gold and the general public. Local press, TV and Radio are also invited to attend and report on the meeting. To date MP James Cleverly and two councilors have confirmed attendance, Developer Wayne Gold has declined the invitation to attend.

The hope is that this public meeting will further highlight the communities concerns to the Braintree planning department and demonstrate the wider opinion on the development and the impact it will have on the local community.

Confirmed Activity Dates;

Easter Egg Hunt, Rayne Cafe – 7th March 10.30 am – 12.30 pm

Public Meeting, Rayne Village Hall – 30th March, 7.00 pm

Petition Delivery to Council Office – 8th April, 2.00pm meet in Morrison’s car park and march to Council Causeway House to delivery petition at 3pm

Community Walk, Rayne Cafe – 24th April, 2.00 pm

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