Objecting or commenting

If you wish to object to or comment on the Brook Green planning application you must do this in writing. Petition signatures or comments sent to the local press will not be considered in the planning process (although signing the petition does give a good general impression of public opinion). There are strict guidelines planners must follow and writing you own formal objection is the only way your voice will be heard.

  1. Submit your objection or comment via the Braintree District Council planning website. Here you can register and then submit your letter via the website. If the link above doesn’t work then please use the Planning Search to search for reference 15/01538/OUT.
  2. Send an e-mail to: planning@braintree.gov.uk. You must include your full postal address in the e-mail for the objection to be counted and displayed on the planning website.
  3. Write to: Development Management, Causeway House, Braintree, Essex, CM7 9HB

Please submit your objection as soon as possible.


Tips for writing your objection – Dos and Don’ts

  • Submit your objection by as soon as possible, preferably before the 23rd of May 2017, as this is the date the developer wants a decision by and it threatening going to appeal if the date is not met.
  • Use government and local planning policy to highlight why the proposal does not comply with policy.
  • Copying examples or using a standard letter should be avoided. Any objections received that appear to be the same will be counted as one objection rather than many.
  • Objections can be made for every person in a household and you can make multiple objections if you wish, as long as each objection covers different points (so if you forget to write something in your initial objection, don’t panic, just send another one in).
  • Be specific rather than giving general examples.
  • Make your friends and neighbours aware of the proposed development and ask then to submit an objection if they don’t agree to it. We need to spread the word as many people are totally unaware of the Brook Green development.
  • Have a read of our general information on council policy. You may like to include some of the information in your objection – in your own words of course!
  • Complain on grounds that are irrelevant to planning law, e.g the noise and disruption of building, effect on existing house values, views etc.
  • Just sign the petition. You must submit your own objection.
  • Use a standard letter of objection. It may not be taken into consideration or will be grouped with other similar objections and counted as one.